Maintaining an healthy lifestyle and managing stress is important when it comes to an individuals well being. Creating balance in your life with proper nutrition, exercise and self care will greatly improve your ability to manage stress and create harmony with your internal energies. Here at Serendipity Integrative Health Clinic, our focus is utilizing a variety of modalities to assist our patients in creating internal harmony within the body and reducing stress.

Fatigue: – The body is constantly under attack from outside sources. Our society places a vast amount of pressure on us. By being conscious of your body and the connection your body has to your spirit and your mind, a source of respect can develop. Fatique may be connected with a variety of different symptoms such as environmental toxins or poor nutrition.

Fatigue and Traditional Chinese Medicine

By focusing on the yin and yang energies – Serendipity Integrative Health Clinic utilizes traditional chinese medicine to assist with fatigue. With proper dietary changes, acupuncture and Qigong to enhance yin energy as well as align fluid movement with mindful breathing and meditation. Poor Nutrition: Number Two On The List –
Improper nutrition will have an eventual and sometime immediate effect on the body, mind and spirit –
Environmental Toxins – toxins in the environment play can negatively impact our body’s performance when absorbed through the air we breath, the food and water we consume and the products we place on our skin, in our hair and where on our clothes. How our body reacts to these toxins, creates stress in our body. 

Lack of Exercise