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Cancer is being diagnosed in as many as 1 in 2 people in our lifetime. Cancer causes 1 out of 4 death in the USA. With new cancer drugs cost soaring to as high as $100,000 annually per person, overdue medical bills and personal bankruptcies are on the rise, affecting almost 1 in 2 cancer patients.

Cancer is not a localized problem threatening to become systemic but a chronic systemic problem manifesting locally. Cancer does not happen overnight but takes years to develop. By tuning into the body and heed warning signs and symptoms, we should be able to detect early body disharmonies and introduce proper interventions. A comprehensive systemic analysis and corresponding therapeutic intervention is thus both cost effective and potentially life saving.

At Serendipity, our innovative Integrative Cancer Screening is a special service designed to address this growing demand for early cancer detection. By combining both statistical data from leading institutes and sophisticated diagnostic tools derived from thousands of years old Traditional Chinese Medicine, we target disharmony patterns that often show up in cancer patients. Lab tests can also be ordered in more severe cases to substantiate findings. Our trained medical qigong specialists are also able to detect complex mind-body patterns which often are the underlining causes of chronic illnesses.


Your initial consultation includes the following:


  • Risk Assessment Questionnaire         
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis
  • 7 Emotions Analysis                         
  • Mind-Body Disharmonies Detection
  • 12 Meridians Disharmonies Detection       
  • 11 Chakras Disharmony Detection
  • Early Cancer Energy Detection                   
  • Cancer Risk Factors Analysis
  • Proposed Lab Tests and Integrative Cancer Care


Please contact us to schedule for your early cancer screening visit.