Pain Management

Patients often come to us with pain which has not responded well to medication or other conventional means. People of all ages suffered from pain. Traditional medicines such as acupuncture, herbs, massage were the major natural therapies that offered relief for thousands of year. In combining old wisdom with understanding of modern causes of disease, we continue to see the same therapies working magic for many chronic and complicated conditions.

Insomnia – Many people suffer from insomnia. It is an incredibly common problem and is connected to our stress levels, our diet and our daily habits. People often experience deep relaxation with acupuncture, which can help “reset” our autonomic nervous systems into parasympathetic, rest and repair mode.

Stress – Stress is a normal part of life but when a person is over-stressed, many chronic ailments can occur. Stress treatment is incorporated into every session in our clinic, since we can treat both mind and body at the same time. Our wellness classes of qigong and meditation are also wonderful for those who wants to become more conscious of their mind and body.

Integrative Cancer Care Program – This program provides holistic support for cancer patients at all stages.